Monday, August 13, 2012

What I've learned in the past 3 weeks...... :-/

Without going into too much detail of my crazy, crazy, craZY past three weeks I figured I would make a list of all the things I've learned.......

1 - When shit hits the fan, you really find out how much your friends mean to you.

2 - When Val eats an orange highlighter, it makes a BIG mess.  Also when Punk eats mascara.... he gets bonus ticking on his coat.

3 - When one of your best friends dogs passes, you feel the loss as if it is your own.

4 - LOVE your friends for you never know what tomorrow brings.

5 - When traveling with your dogs, DONT CHANGE THEIR FOOD.......  

6 - Do NOT run 3 P16 dogs YOURSELF at a USDAA Regional.

7 - No matter how much you look forward to Cynosports, SOMETHING will be totally f'd up.

8 - When your car makes funny noises and it just "goes away", the problem is STILL THERE!

9 - When you're over 30 you cannot stay up for over 24 hours or you'll get the shakes

10 - When your dog poops all over your car (and one of your other dogs), it's REAL smelly

11 - When you leave your husband in a clean house with a "to do" list over the weekend, it will be a MESS when you return and the "to do's" are NOT done.

12 - Camping can be fun with good company.

13 - You never realize how much you love agility with your dog until you contemplate retirement.

14 - I need to train my broad jumps.

15 - Do NOT feed a dog that does not do well with chicken, chicken.  (Yea, I'm a dumbass)

16 - The labrador national premium is OVER FIFTY PAGES!!!  OMG!!  Anyone know where to start with that??

17 - I need to do research on how to get your dog NOT TO BREAK weave poles.

18 - I have WAY to much shit I haul to a dog show.

19 - Beer is still good

20 - Contact equipment is heavy.

21 - I love my Sister In Law and am sad she is moving.

22 - One can never have enough Border Collies.

23 - Don't quit my day job.....  this agility shit is expensive!

24 - The sound of a dog about to barf will wake the dead.

25 - The air conditioner in the camper will make you need a parka if not set properly.

26 - I can truly be happy for friends who do amazing even when my performance is SHIT.  (I'm quite proud I feel this way.....  Honestly, I didn't think I could be.  But yet, these past two weekends, I was ecstatic for friends kicking some serious booty.)

27 - I will ALWAYS have a dog to train as long as Temper is alive.  lmao!

28 - When you figure out your dogs heat cycles, they will come in 2 weeks early.

29 - I need to spay my dog.

30 - Indoor soccer arenas are HELL on my allergies.

31 - I love my dogs, friends, and family.  All this other crap is just bonus.  No matter how bad I bomb at a show, or how bad of a day I have otherwise, I am just happy we are all together.  I am lucky my dogs are healthy, alive and ABLE to play this game with me.  I am also lucky my dogs, friends and family put up with me.  

What????  I'm a good boy!  :o

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  1. That was good. Glad I read it. You're awesome!